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Top 5+ Web Development and Developers Companies For Startups & SMEs

Web Development and Developers Firms For Startups & SMEs

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine businesses these days which does not have any web presence. Every company whether it is a small-scale or large-scale needs to have a web presence because people search for products and services on the internet frequently. No matter whether it is a physical or digital presence of your business, your business is not going to succeed if you are not having any online presence.

According to, 60% of businesses are preferring to have an online presence in order to increase their customers. Moreover, 50% of revenue for businesses comes through ECommerce websites. Plus, 60% of people access the internet on their respective smartphones.

The web development industry has matured and grown since the 1990s and now we have many web development companies for SMEs and best web development companies for startups. You can hire web programmers or hire web coders on the basis of their abilities and reviews by previous clients who have worked with them on real projects.

We have shortlisted these top web developer and development companies on the basis of following credentials: Ratings of the company, previous client feedback, previous work history, post-development services offered, and a number of web development projects executed.

Here is the list of top web developer and web development companies for startups and SMEs

1.WillowTree(Best Web Development Companies)

WillowTree is another best web development companies for startups who are specialized in both web and mobile app development. Till now, they have delivered some of the best web solutions to top startups and SMEs. Their developers make sure that their clients get speedy development, high performance, cost-effectiveness, conversions, 100% customer satisfaction and much more.

Services Offered: UI/UX development, mobile app development, front-end web application development, back-end web application development.


2.PixelCrayons(Top Web Development Companies in India)

The PixelCrayons position itself as the top web development firms in India that develops world-class websites and web applications for SMEs and startups. Moreover, they give an option to their clients to hire web programmers or hire web coders as a standalone developer. PixelCrayons works with full dedication to providing some of the best customer experiences to create a seamless digital experience to change the way clients do their business.

Services Offered: Web application development, PHP website development, Front-end development, server-side development, and backend development.


3.ValueCoders(Popular Web Developers Company)

ValueCoders is one of the best web development companies for startups and SMEs. They use all the open source as well as the paid web development technologies to deliver the best website experience for their clients. All of this is done according to the requirements of the clients. They have successfully delivered more than 500 web development projects to their clients including various top and fortune 500 companies.

Services Offered: PHP web app development, website application development, AngularJS development, backend development, and server-side website development.


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4.iTechArt(A Complete Web Design & Development Solution)

iTechArt is one of the top web development firms in India with a team of more than 1000 web application developers. They have worked with many startups and SMEs to build a successful and scalable product for them. The company uses well established and new technologies to develop a brand new website with a good user interface and robust backends. Moreover, you can easily hire web developers individually based on the requirements of your project.

Services Offered: Web development, mobile application development, cross-platform web application development, Big Data, and much more.


5.Iflexion(A Leading Web Design & Developers)

Since its inception in 1999, Iflexion has been working with various startups and SMEs to provide them with best websites or web applications. They are having a team of 850 developers who provide a wide range of web development solutions regardless of location, domain, and organizational specifics. They are also known to deliver their projects on time.

Services Offered: Web application development, JavaScript development, mobile app development, back-end website development, static website development, and much more.


6.Intellectsoft(A Popular Web Design & Development Company)

Intellectsoft is another top web development firms in India who helps businesses to overcome the challenges of technological advancements with innovations and use of rising new web technologies like AngularJS, Node.JS, ReactJS, front-end development, back-end development and much more.

Services Offered: Front-end development, back-end development, web application development, and much more.


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Final Note

I have shortlisted these top web development companies on the basis of above-mentioned criteria. These are the most important factors considered by prospective clients of any web application development company. I sincerely hope this list would give you a clarity on your needs and help you choose the right web development partner for your business. If you want to add any particular company to this list just mention it down in the comments below. I’ll analyze the company based on my research parameters and list it accordingly.

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