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What is the Firewall?

A firewall is a guard b/w your computer or your internal network and the outside world or the Internet. A particular firewall implementation may use one or more these types of methods :

  1. Packet filtering
  2. Stateful packet filtering
  3. User authentication
  4. Client application authentication

A firewall will filter incoming packets based upon these parameters such as packet size, source IP address, protocol, and destination port. Linux and Windows operating systems come up with a simple firewall. There are two best personal firewall solution provider for individual PCs

  • Norton
  • McAfee

These firewalls are meant for individual machines. There are many advanced solutions available for network protection.
In an organizational setting, you can establish a dedicated firewall b/w your network and the outside world. This may be a router that also has built-in firewall capabilities. (Cisco Systems is one company that is well-known for high-quality routers and firewalls.) Alternatively, it might be a server that is dedicated to run firewall software. There are many numbers of firewall solutions that you can examine.

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