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Functions in Javascripts

Functions are the heart of JavaScript and functions are the beautiful parts of JavaScript.

Well , Functions are the most important part of JavaScript and in this blog I am not going to cover functions in detail instead I will be explaining hell lot of Jargons which will be beneficial for the Interview .

  • Function statement : Function statement is nothing but how we write the functions in JavaScript. example :

function fun(){
// some code

  • Function Expressions : Well its a confusing one when we allocate a function to a variable then it is called as function expression. example : const a = function(){ //code } a();

here function acts like a value

  • Function Declaration : Function declaration is nothing but a simple function definition .
    example :

    function fun(){ // some code }

  • Anonymous function : Function without a name is called anonymous function .

example :
let fun = function(){ // some code }

fun() ;

  • Named function expression : These are same as function expression . example :

const a = function () {//some code }

  • Function Parameters: Function parameters are the identifiers that function take on its declaration . Take a look at example below .

example :

function app(param1 , param2 )

  • Function arguments : Function arguments the identifiers that are supplied, when we call function.

function app(param1 , param2 )
app(arg1, arg2)

  • First class functions : First class functions are those functions which can be passed as arguments to another function , function which can return another function and assign a function to a variable . So combination of all the above functions are said to be higher order functions .

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source - youtube and mdn docs

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