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Nice list!

I would add few of my daily drivers to this list:


Vim is essential to me, both to quickly edit files and config files and to manipulate large sets of data.

I use pure CLI-vim whenver I'm in a terminal, and IdeaVim with my Jetbrains IDE.


To host my open source projects!

I like to host my open source projects on an open source application, which is why I use it instead of github or bitbucket.


Postman lets me quickly test API's and perform web requests, which reduces the time spent to find bugs by a lot!

My usual workflow is monitoring the network tab of my browser, finding the one I wish to reproduce, copy it as curl request and import it in postman.

I can then easily change the variables, headers or content to see if it breaks the api or causes a bug somewhere!

It doesn't replace Curl, but it does make a majority of the job easier!


Nice one Antony, thanks. At first site, Vim looked daunting to me, but with time the commands get clearer.

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