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More interactive samples: PuppeteerSharp

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Following the notebook that demonstrates how to learn .Net, i'm posting here the sample to play with PuppeteerSharp.

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First, let's declare eternal dependencies required, in a dedicated section of code.

#r "nuget:PuppeteerSharp, 4.0.0"
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Global context initilization

Then, let's init variable that we will use through the notebook.
It will take some time as a dedicated version of chrome will be downloaded.

using PuppeteerSharp;

await new BrowserFetcher().DownloadAsync(BrowserFetcher.DefaultRevision);
var browser = await Puppeteer.LaunchAsync(new LaunchOptions
    Headless = true
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We will have now a browser initialized.

Play with it

We can now do some basic tests or more complicated ones.

Take screenshot

var page = await browser.NewPageAsync();
await page.GoToAsync("");
await page.ScreenshotAsync("./FirstTest.png");
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Select content

var currentPage = await browser.NewPageAsync();
await currentPage.GoToAsync("");
await currentPage.QuerySelectorAllHandleAsync("input[name=q]").EvaluateFunctionAsync("el => el.value = 'test'");
await currentPage.ScreenshotAsync("./screenshot.jpg");
var output = await currentPage.QuerySelectorAllHandleAsync("div[id='SIvCob']").EvaluateFunctionAsync<string[]>("el => => a.text)");
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Note: display method is provided by dotnet interactive.

Iterating urls

using (var page = await browser.NewPageAsync())
    await page.GoToAsync("");
    var jsSelectAllAnchors = @"Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('div')).map(a => a.innerText);";
    var urls = await page.EvaluateExpressionAsync<string[]>(jsSelectAllAnchors);
    foreach (string url in urls)
        Console.WriteLine($"Url: {url}");
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Hope this helps !

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