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Produce Credit for Teams

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First, i have seen Scott Hanselman 's video on how to use OBS to send content to your OBS.

Then, i have seen Rob Farley 's video on how to use Powerpoint animation with OBS.

I was eager to produce the same.


We will need

choco install -y obs-studio
choco install -y obs-virtualcam
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Virtualcam will helps us send the content casted by OBS on Teams (by selecting the virtual cam in the device selection).

Producing credits

In order to produce credits, it will use Powerpoint.
I can create a slide with a background filled with the color used by the Chroma Key (generally green), add text, and add an animation on the text to create the moving credits.

Then, i can either present the powerpoint (using the preview button in powerpoint), or generate a video (through File > Export > Create a Video), and present the video.

Export video

Present it

In OBS, you can create the scene by:

  • adding the credit Source (either Window Capture or Media Source)
    • adding the Chroma Key Effect (right click on the Source > Filters then click on + button and Chroma Key) with Green color Chroma Key
  • Add a Display Capture if you want
  • Then cast it on the Virtual Cam, by Going to Tools > Virtual Cam and then press Start
  • select the virtual Cam in Teams in device Selection

Hope this helps !

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