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Angular vs React

I've been using react and Angular for a while now. Both frameworks are robust, reliable, and super fast. Both frameworks were built by Tech giants (Facebook for react and Google for Angular). However, there is some difference when it comes to the learning process.

I've learned react in one week. Learning react doesn't need lots of efforts if you already know how to write Javascript. On the other hand, I spent 6 weeks learning Angular. You can consider Angular as a completely new programming language. I made some research on the purpose of Angular, many experts said that Angular is an alternative for a framework called Google Web Toolkit (GWT). According to many articles, Angular is easier than GWT. Furthermore, Google migrated some of its products from GWT to Angular like Google Adwards. However, some Google products are still written in GWT (like

To cut it short, if you have enough time to learn new language, go for Angular. On the other side, if you don't have time and you are familiar with Javascript, go for React.

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Can you explain angular is a programming language?