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What is the best way to create PDF files with PHP

Hello, what is the best and easiest way to create PDF files with PHP?

I know about libs like fpdf, tcpdf and wkhtmltopdf. But they have all their own limitations.

What is your preferred way to create pdf files with php, optimaly by transforming a html file?

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I got pretty far with wkhtmltopdf, but it can be tricky or one is not able to install the latest version at all (depending on hosting plan)

There is a python lib weasy print, that seems to be good, but you need to install a ton of stuff. is pure php and seems to be pretty good, but it is expensive.

Here is an overview:

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I used "spipu/html2pdf" for a while, then switched to mpdf (way faster, and a little more css complaint).

The workflow always being: take the html, give me the pdf.

No mater what you choose, be prepared for some pain...

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Carlos Núñez

I've been using TCPDF with Laravel for simple or complex printing or parsing html to pdf