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Prepping PR'S

Hey Everyone! As usual you can find the previous relevant post below :)

So assuming you read we go!

What are we doing?

For our final class assignment in OSD600 (Open Source Development) we must either implement a new feature or fix a family of bugs in a repo we previously worked on. I opted to go with implementing a new feature.

The Issue

So in Parrot currently anyone can use a command such as !play <song> to or !shuffle which shuffles the songs currently in queue. This issue aims to add a feature where a user can only successfully call commands that modify the queue if they have a DJ Role. This would mean that non harmful commands such as !now_playing which just returns what is currently playing are fine to be used by anyone on the discord server.

How is this going to work?

Honestly I had to rack my brain for a looooong time thinking about this one....I delved into Docs for hours. FYI Serenity is a library for the discord API written in Rust and is used in Parrot.

After many hours I've come up with a plan. Each discord server is represented as a Guild struct in serenity. It contains may fields such as id, name but most importantly roles which is a HashMap<RoleId, Role> with Role being a struct containing more info about that role such as name and id. The docs for a Guild is here and Role here.

So with this information what can we do? Well now all I have to do is find a way to check if the DJ role is in the server via the Guild struct and then check is the user has said role which can be done via the has_role method on the User struct. The docs on the User struct is here

Next Steps

Well now all I have to do is code! The next blog will be an update which will hopefully be all the coding finished and then finally my overall thoughts in a final blog :) See ya!

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