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Note app practice with Elm + some struggles as well.

A mentor told me to write this app.

I was hesitant because it is a simple note app.

What the hell I protested inside and went with it anyway. It is a work in progress. My goal is to keep you posted about the progress and the struggles that I'm currently facing. Also keep you posted about the bugs I'm having which are really fun.

The code to the app:

Let's go back in history and see what the first screenshot of the app looked like:

The name of the screenshot says: "note mvp is working".

You can see how it is working though. Right column is misaligned.

I don't really know why it happened. First I have to tell you what I decided to use for css.

I had three choices regarding the css part: basic elm css, rtfeldman/elm-css, or elm-ui.

I went with elm-ui.

I kind of fixed that bug with the second column where my content was in the middle. I aligned it to the top. You can see it looks better now.

Later on I discovered another curios bug.

The more notes I add the more space I have between the top of input field and the top of the browser.

There is one more bug. Oh, gosh.

When I add the note the field input does'n clear itself. I have to handle that.

What my goals are:

  • I have an Enter event. I want to be able to add a note with Ctrl + Enter
  • Fix the bugs I have
  • Add the ability to pin a not to the top of the list.
  • Add the ability to edit only the last note.
  • Add the ability to delete notes.
  • Maybe something else, but later on.

Mental Patterns that I have:

  • Start from the beginning again and again. Even when I was a child if I made a mistake a would start a new notebook. Rethink from the beginning.
  • Diving deep even when it's not necessary.
  • Tendency to focus on psychology and meta stuff and not on the technical parts. I'm working on focusing more on technical parts.
  • Not enough resources, I need more... lack of confidence and maybe lack of practice... but there could be another one... lack of connection.

A note an productivity:

  • I've noticed that even professional websites like stackoverflow and others have a lot of agenda for our focus. The sidebar in stackoverflow is very distracting. There are millions things to distract us from work. As Dan Pena says, "you'd think that having a computer would make humans more productive. But it's actually the opposite. We waste more time than ever".

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jmc • Edited

I actually hide the stackexchange "network questions" sidebar using my adblocker for the reason you mentioned. Too easy to get into a stackhole.