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Footsteps a Python Programming aspirant must follow

“If I go around in any organization asking random questions on programming languages that aids in Data Science or any other latest technology, 8 out to 10 professionals would instantly speak up, Python.”


Python, a programming language that has made millions of IT professionals awestruck by its incredible features. Whether it be an experienced candidate or a newbie, everyone’s adoring Python unlike any other programming language. It wouldn't be wrong if I say that Python has outperformed Java in terms of popularity. In short, Python is currently an unchallenged king of the realm of programming languages.

And this is just a glimpse of how dominant Python has been in the IT industry since the last few years and it’s predicted to have the same influence for many more years to come. And the prime reason behind this supremacy of Python is its majestic features. 

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The features that Python is furnishing its programmers with are unmatchable and there’s possibly no other language that has such a complete blend of so many intriguing features. In addition to it, what adds more glory to it is its libraries. Python comprises a rich and extensive set of libraries to make its programmers life hassle-free.
All these things when combined together makes Python unbeatable.


So, all those fancy quotes and facts about Python available on the internet instantly caught my attention and soon I made up my mind to have a career in this extremely popular programming language. 

So, after a fair amount of groundwork, I began with my Python journey. And soon as I began, I realized that if I wanted to be an expert of Python Programming, then my focus on practical implementations should be even more. And that’s when I turned my attention towards Python Projects.

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Just after I was aware of a few of its concepts, I started trying out different projects. And believe me, working on projects since my initial days of Python journey was the best decision I made and it ensured a smooth journey till the end.

So here are a few of the beginner-level Python Projects that I laid my hands at and were crucial in strengthening my Python concepts.



Hangman Python Project
The aim of this project is to build our childhood’s one of the most played games, Hangman. Apart from a couple of modules i.e. the random and the time modules, this project doesn’t demand any other external module. Just a good command over Python functions and loops and you’ll be able to build this project quite easily.

SOURCE CODE: Python Project on Hangman

Dice Rolling Simulator Python Project
Almost all of us have rolled a dice at least once in your lives and we’re all aware of how a dice works. So, this project is all about making the dice roll and hence generating a random number.

SOURCE CODE: Python Project of Dice Rolling Simulator

Alarm Clock with GUI
An alarm clock is a highly essential ingredient of our daily lives and this Python project lets you build one of your own. It requires two of the most important Python libraries datetime and tkinter to get along with this project. In addition to it, you'll build an interactive GUI as well in this project.

SOURCE CODE: Alarm Clock with Python

Currency Converter in Python
This is quite an exciting Python Project which deals with converting various currencies into a desirable one. Again, in this project you’ll have to build a GUI using the tkinter API in Python. This is a project that will take you a step ahead of the beginner’s level.

SOURCE CODE: Currency Converter Python Project

COVID-19 Spread Analysis with Python
Depending upon the news channels to know about the spreading isn’t enough and that’s the reason for building this project. It lets you build a real-time dashboard to analyse the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

SOURCE CODE: COVID-19 Analysis with Python

Calculator in Python
Though it seems to be quite an easy project from the outset, this project is a must-do for all the Python aspirants. Build using Tkinter library, it involves all the operations and the required result to be displayed. You can further extend this project into a scientific calculator.

SOURCE CODE: Build a Calculator in Python

Library Management System
What makes this project different from other management system projects is that it will be a real-time system. Again, this project will be built using the Tkinter library with a variety of functionalities being provided to the user.

SOURCE CODE: Python Project on Library Management System

Calorie Calculator in Django
This project will be built using one of the finest Python frameworks, Django. This would be a web app project as Django has got a lot of inbuilt libraries for the same. This is a project that’s good for your health as well as your Python skills.

SOURCE CODE: Calorie Calculator in Python Django

Discussion Forum in Python Django
A discussion forum is all about asking questions and keeping your point of view in front of others. Again, this would be a web development project built using Django because it makes this process hassle-free. This project will let you explore different dimensions of a web development project.

SOURCE CODE: Discussion Forum Python project

News Aggregator Web App
Yet another Django project that takes you into the wilderness of Django and apparently a highly-useful project at the same time. If you’re an avid news reader, then this project is meant for you. A project that piles up news on various different topics from a number of websites and sources at one place. 

SOURCE CODE: News Aggregator Django Project


So, this marks the end of a short list of projects that I tried my hands on during my initial days of Python journey. All these projects that I selected were different from each other in some way or other. And due to this, I was able to have an exposure of the versatility that Python has got.

Thanks for your time!!

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