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Tech news – monthly update by Apiumhub

Hello, hello! Thank you for your interest in tech news, events, trends and tips!

Let’s start our monthly update with tech news and events:

Tech news: June

1. Top tech articles of the month

2. Upcoming events in Barcelona

Click here to find 6 most interesting tech events of the month.

3. DDD: testing in microservices architecture meetup 21/06, Pier01

As always, our co-founder & Software Architect – Christian Ciceri is organizing DDD meetup to discuss testing in microservices architecture. This time it won’t be just Christian talking and showing practical examples, you will also participate in a process. This time the practical part will be in “open space” format.

To get your ticket, click here!

To know more about our DDD series of meetups, click here. And to stay updated with upcoming DDD events, join our meetup group.

4. Fullstack developer job offer

If you are living in Barcelona and you are a full stack developer, check this opportunity and don`t hesitate to apply. What we guarantee you are professional growth, a second family, and cool projects!

5. New members of our team

Yes, our family is growing and this month iOS Developer, Backend developer, and Product Owner joined us. Click here to see them.

6. We are an official sponsor of Club e-commerce event: Digital 1to1

If you are interested in getting good tickets, contact us! And have a chance to speak face to face with CIOs, CMOs, Digital and e-commerce directors of companies like Ikea, Havaianas, Asos, Unilever, Decathlon, G-star and many others. Find more info about the event here.

7. Software development situation report in Spain

We are currently working on a software development survey together with other tech companies. If you are interested in participating in it and be listed there as one of the partners, contact us to know more about this opportunity.

8. #workingsoftware project

Did you know that we are running a project about software development challenges? Tell us your biggest software challenge using #workingsoftware hashtag! Help the community to improve! We will then collect the answers and create an infographic. Next step: solutions! Simply contact us or post it on Twitter. Thanks!

9. Stay updated

We publish tech related articles, jokes and news on a daily basis. Follow us on:








Thank you and have a great day!!

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