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How to Promote Your Android App, Tips Inside

After developing an Android app with app development companies, you have to work hard, have to fund the plans for successful promotion of your app and be at the top in Google Play.

Android is the most popular operating system for smartphones in the world. In 2017, Google announced that they reached the incredible mark of 2 billion users per month. This is a good treasure. Apart from this, there is a large number of open source projects under Android, which means, take it, excavate and better than others. But how do you effectively promote your Android app?

Why go ahead?

Even an excellent app should be promoted to the top. And this is almost the most important part to think about in advance. Without promotion, the audience likely to know about your app hides under Plinth. And without users, there will be no money.

You need to develop a promotion plan: Select the appropriate tools for your application, match them with goals and budgets.

What are the tools to promote Android apps?

1. Website

This is an original fact. On the site, you can always talk about your application. This is a common meeting point for all users. You should explain why people should install and use your app. Screenshots, videos (if any), download links. To send news about your project, do not forget to add social forms widget, as well as add a form for mail.

2. Social Networks and Instant Messenger

Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter ... Today, each of these platforms is not quite overlooked. These bubbles have a potential audience. Create a page about your application. As a channel for feedback about bugs, they can be used to strengthen the community. It is also a great place to advertise. Buy posts, and promote in the appropriate communities. If you decide to scale the social network, then you need a different person.

3. Contextual Advertising

This is an advertisement that you stumble in the mobile version of the search engine, driving in some type of query. Google's user will see a link to install the app or your website at the top of the site. Continue to advertise banner ads on thousands of mobile sites.

4. Ads in the media

Television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, as well as online publishing - it is still a serious screaming for information, even if it is pressed by social networks and bloggers. A mention in the traditional media is likely to improve your image. Online sites can actually give measurable conversions. You can choose from specially marked publications or banners.

5. Advertise with Bloggers

Main sites: YouTube, Instagram. It is important to know what bloggers are, how many customers are and what format it is ready to work in. The cost of advertising through this depends on the blogger. You should look for influencers in your niche and ask them to help promote your app. Note that your app should be sufficient to accept. As a result, make sure your app was developed by the top adnroid app development companies.

6. Newsletter

It is one of the tools to add users. It helps to remind them about their product, additionally helps in talking about values and informing about improvements. Mailing can usually be devoted to the intangible things related to your project. For example, if you have a financial accounting application through newsletters and blogs on the site, then tell users how much easier budget people can keep track of, where without saving a bias and how to invest with free money is.

7. PR and Mouth Words

This includes developers' favourite cases and personal experience. If you have an interesting story of success or failure, with numbers and findings, you can share it with people like you. In the same category, posting on thematic forums (if you have an application for young parents, then search for areas where they communicate and discuss problems). If your application resolves a particular problem, you can promote it on those sites where there are people who need it.

8. Push Notifications

The magical power of push notifications is that they regularly remind users about the fact that they have established your application. The main thing is that do not do it more and make everything interesting, otherwise the user will leave. Ensure that your notifications come on time. If you work with other time zones, set different alerts for them. Proper load balancing will also help reduce the server load.

Send a limited number of notices the limit will depend on the value of the information, but in any case, more than 5-10 notifications per day are not recommended for most applications.

Pay special attention to night settings. Imagine: You went to bed, put the phone in silent mode and notifications came. Do you read all the notices carefully in the morning? Or pay attention to something most important, and remove it in the rest list? So if your push notifications are part of the night's noise, the chances of the user getting noticed will be less.

9. ASO optimization and purpose are the most important tools.

To get the maximum organic content on Google Play, you need to think about your app's card constantly in the store. Your position on the top depends on your work with the ability and simplicity of the name, the correct description, quality of the icons, clear and colourful screenshots, availability of videos, reviews. The object of optimization of ASO is to improve all these standards. And in order to accelerate and stimulate the presence of organic matter, we recommend you use inspired approaches.

You can use any of the above methods to promote your app. This first thing is to develop an excellent app because the first impression is important.

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