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Appwrite Community Report #10

Hello from team Appwrite!👋

How has been your week? For us, it has been quite productive as we work towards more integrations and features! 👀

TLDR; We have some giveaways ongoing, some features added, community contributions, resources and more!

📢 What’s new

  • Appwrite just crossed 90,000 followers on Twitter and we are doing a giveaway! Participate now to win Appwrite hoodies🤩
  • Are you a maintainer or know a maintainer? Tell them about OSS Fund - a year long fund to support open-source project maintainers.

✅ Issues solved

Here’s to making Appwrite better everyday! Issues we have worked on this week:

  • GitLab OAuth now allows self hosted instances
    🔗Link to PR

  • Addition of DailyMotion OAuth Provider by community member Bishwajeet Parhi
    🔗Link to PR

  • Advancements towards upgrading the entire Appwrite stack to Docker Compose V2
    🔗Link to PR

  • Files can now be uploaded from n8n to Appwrite Storage
    🔗Link to PR

⚒️ What we’re currently working on

  • Working to increase the maximum size of a query.
  • Improving Hashing API
  • Adding Vimeo as OAuth provider
  • Reviewing OSS Fund applications, getting closer to announcing the first maintainer we sponsor

🗣 Discussions

Community member Maxime Barthomeuf, suggested adding Puppeteer support, what do you think about it?
🔗 Join the discussion here

📘 Resources

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