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Appwrite Community Report #17

Greetings from the Appwrite team! πŸ‘‹

We are back with our weekly updates. This week we have some amazing announcements, more details unfold inside. πŸ‘€

Before we dive right into the report, we extend our gratitude to the community and 24k star-gazers on GitHub! πŸ™πŸ½

TLDR; 0.15.3 is released, what are you building with it? We also have Loot V2 announcements, updated resources for better learning experience and more!

πŸ“’ What’s new

Can you relate to it? Would some fund help you? Appwrite OSS Fund is here to support!

βœ… Issues solved

With our continued effort to make Appwrite the ultimate open-source solution for all your backend needs, here are some of the fixed we worked on:

  • Made the mock download endpoint response consistent with the rest of responses
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed docs storage and database link
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Updated SDK Generator and CLI to the latest version
    πŸ”—Link to PR

  • Fixed membership issue where information of person adding was returned instead of person being added by Fauzi E. Abdulfattah
    πŸ”—Link to PR

βš’οΈ What we’re currently working on

  • Adding new metadata to API Keys
  • Adding status codes to deployment object
  • Fixes console SDK
  • Refactoring tasks in Appwrite using the new Platform library

πŸ—£ Discussions

Let’s talk about Appwrite’s permissions once more
πŸ”—Join the discussion here

πŸ“˜ Resources

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