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How to Create a Chat Room Website in 2022

Chat Room website are an awesome tool to increase engagement in your web community.

Chat Rooms can also be added next to your virtual live stream.

Nowadays organizers and producers alike are using chat room websites to increase engagement on their events

What is a chat room website?

A chat room website is a website that has a chat room in it

If you have a community or if you conduct live events on your website then it is essential to have a chat room along with the video stream on your website

There are many chat room providers on the market. One of the best and easy to add chat room provider is DeadSimpleChat

DeadSimpleChat has many features that would get the attention of video streaming and community builders alike

How to build a chat room website

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Table of Contents

  1. Step1: Decide that you need a chat room for your website. (increase engagement to your site)
  2. Step2: Choose a platform for your website (Wordpress, Wix, squarespace)
  3. Step3: Choose a chat provider (deadsimplechat)
  4. Step4: adding chat to your website (add deadsimplechat to website)
  5. Conclusion

Step1: Decide that you need a chat room for your website.

If you have a community on your website or if you live stream to your audiences on your website or platform
then you need a chat room for your website

Chat room is essential to engage with your audiences. Get feedback and comments from your audiences

With a chat room on your website you can directly communicate with your audiences

Here are some of the benefits of have a chat room website

  1. Ability to get feedback from audiences
  2. Create a community
  3. Increase Engagement next to your live stream
  4. Let participants feel a sense of belonging
  5. Ability to conduct Q&A sessions
  6. Ability to moderate the chat

2. Choose a platform for your website.

There are many platform to choose from when you are building your website.

Some of the most famous platforms are the following

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. SquareSpace
  4. Weebly
  5. WebFlow
  6. Pure HTML and CSS among others.

DeadSimpleChat works with all of the above website platforms

While WordPress is a free platform, others namely Wix SquareSpace and others are paid and premium CMS platforms for building your website

You can also consider building your website using purly HTML and CSS if you have the technical know how and development skills

Using a CMS platform helps if you are not a developer because you don't need to hire someone every time you need to make any changes to your website.

Here is the pros and cons of each website builder

1. WordPress


According to the WordPress website the 43% of web is built using the WordPress cms system

Bloggers, small businesses and even fortune 500 companies use WordPress to build their websites.

Building on WordPress is free but you do need a hosting provider

WordPress also has a built in website editor to edit your website and make it look good.

There are also a lot of third party plugins available for WordPress being the largest CMS provider in the world.

2. Wix

Wix is a premium website builder and comes at a price.

There are professionally designed templates available for you to choose from

You can also create your website by drag and dropping the components of a website.

Plans start from 6.5 CAD per month but the cheapest plan has ads in it.

There are also various other limitations based on different plans

3. SquareSpace

Square Space
SquareSpace is a CMS focused on online selling

If you have a store or need to sell something online then Squarespace is focused on that

There are various templates available for you build as well

There are various extensions and tools available as well.

Plans start at $14 per month and you can save by ordering an annual subscription and goes up to $49 per month

4. Weebly


Weebly is a website builder by the Square payments company

Weebly is purely focused on business websites

It comes with free square integration

Weebly plans start from 0 USD for a basic website. It has features like Shopping cart, unlimited items, item badges, Coupons and square gift cards.

You cannot connect a custom domain in the free plan. The personal plan that has the lowest fees and the ability to connect your domain price is 7 USD per month and the most expensive plan costs $30 USD per month

5 Webflow

Webflow is another CMS that you can use. It has similar features to other CMS

Webflow is focused on design and ability to tweak small things in the design

You can design custom websites with webflow.

There is a free plan available but does not allow for custom domains it runs on the webflow domain.

The basic plan that allows for custom domains start at 15 USD per month.

6.Pure HTML and CSS

You can create a pure HTML CSS website, if you know how to create websites

You can customize it endlessly as you see fit.

This method will only work if you have technical know how and expertise.

3. Choose a Chat Provider

Live Streaming Chat

You will need to choose a chat provider so that you can add it to your website.

One of the best chat providers that is focused towards community building and live events is the DeadSimpleChat

You will need a chat solution that is specifically designed for use with live events

Features like:

  • Can have 10 million concurrent users.

  • ability to have large concurrent users, Moderation.

  • ability to delete messages.

  • ban users.

  • Customize the look and feel of chat room to match your website

  • Q&A sessions

  • Security and encryption

  • Analytics and data

  • Send images and files

  • Group Chat

  • 1 -1 chat and many others

Step4: adding chat to your website (add DeadSimpleChat to website)

Create a Chat Room

It is very easy to add chat to your website. DeadSimpleChat provides an iframe that you can easily add next to your live stream.

Add DeadSimpleChat next to your live stream is as easy as adding adding video on your website

Step1 Create an account with DeadSimpleChat

Create a free account with DeadSimpleChat
Go to and click on the "Get Started" Button

you can create a free account here.

Step2 Create a chat room

On the Dashboard click on the "create a chat room" button
to create a chat room

This will take you to the create chat room page

here you can write the name of the chat room and a short description

You can also upload a logo of your brand if you want to.

then click on the save button to create a chat room

Step3 Adjust Chat Room settings

Adding Chat Room Settings
After the chat room is created you will land on the general settings page of the DeadSimpleChat

Here you can adjust various settings and features like

  • ability to like and react to messages
  • Q&A Mode
  • Create Channels for different topics
  • File and image sharing
  • 1 -1 private chat
  • Moderator Only chat
  • Password Protected Chat
  • Export all the messages
  • Export all the files
  • Delete all the messages and files

Step4 Customizing the Chat Room

Customizing the chat room
Once this is done then you can customize the chat room by clicking on the customize button at the top

You can customize almost anything using you UI based customization tool

If you need even more customization then you can write your own css in the custom css box and customize the chat room experience to your hearts content

You can customize the fonts bring you own custom fonts, colors and shape of the chat room from the UI based tools

Then you can customize the language of the chatroom to say anything you want.

Step5 Add Chat room to your website

Create a Chat Room Website
Then we move to add chat to your website

At this point we have created the chat room, customized it to our heart content and even made changes in the language if that was needed to be made

Now, we need to add the chat room to the website

click on the Embed info at the top to go to the embed settings

here you will see the embed code, copy that code and simply paste it in your html code and you have a chat room on your website

This also works for the embed section of the cms provider.

Just paste this code on the embed section of your cms provider and viola you have a live chat room website


Here I have explain how you can embed chat on your website.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and share this article with your friends and colleagues.

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