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Chrome DevTools: Conditional Breakpoints

Have you ever tried to debug a loop or code that executes at intervals? I know it's hard to navigate through the loop to understand the bug.

Conditional breakpoints might be just the one for you.

Conditional breakpoints

You would be familiar with adding breakpoints in your source code in order to debug code execution. This is a pretty common practice of finding bugs or understand the execution of code.

But Chrome also has a feature called conditional breakpoints, which allows you to break at a particular line only if a specific condition is evaluated to be true.

The condition can include any variable in code that is available at that particular line. Even the variables inside the closures can be accessed in the condition evaluation.

Preview (debugging with conditional breakpoints):

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Direct Link: Lessons: Conditional Breakpoints

BONUS: The new version of Chrome's Canary release (at the time of writing this post) has landed with inline breakpoints which allow you to break at specific points in a line itself. This is helpful in cases where you do multiple function calls or computations in a single line.

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