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Flashing a Condor smartphone: List of Condor firmware

Warning: This flashing operation involves significant risks and can damage your phone, if you do not want to take this risk, entrust this task to a professional or to the condor after-sales service. Back up all the data (tutorial) of your phone before reinstalling the firmware (format, flash) on your Condor phone.

Condor smartphones are equipped with the Android operating system, this operating system created by Google is the most widely used system to harness the power of smartphones. As with computers, smartphones can also encounter problems with possible malfunctions of one or more components caused by one or more errors in the Android system.

Some issues found in Condor smartphones require formatting of devices. Formatting is the complete removal of the operating system as well as all content on the smartphone (The smartphone is completely empty). Once the smartphone has been formatted, you will need to reinstall Android (the device's operating system) by downloading the Android firmware (ROM) (see the list of Condor smartphone firmwares below).

These two operations of formatting and reinstalling Android are called "flashing".

Note Béné: This tutorial explains flashing the Condor phone and not the hard reset of the phone. The Hard Reset allows the Condor phone to be reset to factory defaults, resulting in the loss of all data and the maintenance of the operating system, in which case the phone will boot normally. On the other hand, formatting deletes all data as well as the Android operating system, in this specific case the phone will no longer start and it becomes necessary to reinstall Android in order for the device to work.

How to flash a Condor smartphone?
Before starting, recharge your phone to 100% and at least to 70%, prepare your USB cable (A cable that works well, avoid using cables that disconnect when you move).

Download the Flash software from the official condor website (click here, choose your smartphone type and click "Download Flash Tools").

Download Condor firmware (ROM) from the links below (Choose the link that corresponds to your phone, the download will take several minutes depending on the speed of the connection).

Download the Condor drivers in your PC (Selui that you use to install the firmware) from this link, turn off your condor phone and plug it into the computer with the USB cable, open the drivers

Condor Drivers

(1): install dpinst_x64 for Windows 64 bits,
(2): install dpinst_x86 for 32-bit Windows.

Once the drivers are installed, open the Flash software folder, you find two sub-folders, open and install “MTK USB DRIVER…” then go to the second “SP Flash Tools…” sub-folder and open “Flash Tools” ( which is the flash software)

Condor Firmware

(1): choose "Firmware Upgrade",
(2): click on "Scater-loading" and go to your firmware folder, then choose the text file which bears the name "... android-scatter ...", wait a few seconds (You must have all the lines in green color) .

Install Condor firmware

(3): Plug in the phone's USB cable and click “Download”.

The software starts installing the firmware, the procedure will take a few minutes,

Rom Condor installation

When the installation is complete, the phone restarts.

List of Condor smartphone firmware
The Firmware list below is that appearing on the official condor site "" dated 11/24/2016. Before using the Firmware please read the name of the downloaded file and confirm the compatibility with your smartphone.

Condor Alure A55 slim: Firmware link:

Condor PLUME P4 Pro
Condor PLUME P6 Pro
Condor PLUME P6
Condor Griffe G2s.
Condor PLUME P8
Condor GRIFFE G4
Condor Unique U1
Condor Allure A55
Condor Allure A100
Condor Plume P7
Condor Plume P5
Condor Griffe G2
Condor Plume P4
Condor A9 + (PGN511)
Condor C6 pro (PGN-509)
Condor C6 Plus (PGN-508)
Condor C7 (PGN-506)
Condor A9 (PGN-507):
Condor C7 Mini (PGN-404)
Condor C8s (PGN-505)
Condor C6 (SPH-C6)
Condor C5 (PGN-504)
Condor C4 + (PGN-403)
Condor C4 (C-4)

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