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April Smith
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COVID-19 Live Updates WP Plugin

Everyday I always check the number of Coronavirus cases not just in the UK but also in other countries. The thing about checking it on other websites is that the websites often contain ads, or don’t easily allow me to compare between countries in the format I want.

So I realize why not built my own using covid19API? I decided to build it for WordPress, so I can also share it with others. The plugin wasn’t so complex in terms of coding (was not using WP Plugin Boilerplate) I just used basic PHP OOP, Vanilla JS and some JQuery packages. There is no design, so you can update the styling once you load it on your site.

When people say WordPress Development is dying, they must not have seen the statistics! 35% of the Internet is powered by WordPress, and it is still growing ( 78.9% of websites in the world still use PHP).

So I am sharing this plugin to everyone ( GNU License) and happy for some coders out there to improve it. You can download it on my GitHub –

And you are done!

You can download or fork it at – aralovelace/Covid19Report-WP-Plugin

Here is how it looks like:


API Data Source:

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Dani Llewellyn • Edited

Nice work! I particularly like the live filtering capability. Idea for improvement if you feel inclined: implement a basic Block Editor block that wraps the short-code. Investigate the ServerSideRender component from @wordpress/components in the javascript world, and combine with setting your PHP-side short-code function in the render_callback attribute when calling register_block_type() in PHP.