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I think Next.js is very good for this. Without almost any tooling you can just do next build && next export to generate the static site. And then you have the option to switch to dynamic by doing next build && next start. And for the dynamic version, if you are worried about React size you can just replace it to Preact (3kb with the same api).


Yeah, thanks for pointing that out! Next + Preact is a super powerful combo. I've heard some complaints about library support on Preact, but the community's still pretty robust at this point. Worth checking out!

My only complaint is that the developer environment is dynamic (by design of course), and you won't know how the static site actually performs until you export. This can lead to somewhat longer build times from my experience, and certain pages of the site not getting crawled properly. That said, for smaller scale projects, it shouldn't matter too much.

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