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Some useful links about Laravel Nova

Repository of Nova Packages
This is the home of all Nova Packages. Easy way to discover and bring useful features to the Nova backend, like new fields, actions, tools and themes.

Official Nova Documentations
After purchasing the Nova package this is a good place to start exploring the features and getting a feeeling of how the entities are organized. The documentation provides an installation guide, as well as examples for each feature.

Full Tutorial on Laracast
This is a free course from Laracast which explains in detail how Nova works, how to configure and work with the built-in components. You can get a deeper understanding of resources, defining them, relationships, validation, authorization, actions etc. Also helpful on creating custom tools, cards, custom fields and themes.

Nova Package Skeleton
This package offers an easy way for scafolding a package from scratch. Very handy for cases like developing a custom Nova package while focusing only on the bussiness logic.

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