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  • Guide to generating vanity onion addresses

  • How to use GitHub gists

  • 5 Open source alternatives to Trello

  • A look at WYSIWYG code editors!

  • Can open source make you a better developer? (if I wanted this to be click bait - I'd substitute better for richer)


Guide to generating vanity onion addresses

  • what are onion addresses
  • why you might need one
  • what you need (opensource project on github -eschalot)
  • a simple explanation of how it works
  • interesting note or remarks from other sources

How to use GitHub gists

  • what they are
  • why they are useful
  • methods in which they can be used
  • novel ideas of how they can be used if any
  • examples of methods IRL

5 Open source alternatives to Trello

  • introduction to Trello
  • what problems do Trello solve? (make simple/everyday use cases)
  • open source alternatives, platforms they cover
  • infographic showing how they measure up

A look at WYSIWYG code editors!

  • what they are
  • who they are targeted for
  • examples of such editors clearly stating which are opensource
  • a simple tutorial using any open sourced tool

Can open source make you a better developer?

  • who is an open source developer
  • why would I want to become an open source developer
  • differences between a normal dev and an open one
  • pros and cons
  • invite readers to share/discuss real-life experiences

I could also talk about projects on Github that I understand/have an interest in like:


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Lauren Maffeo

Thanks for these ideas!

If you reply here with a short bio (up to 5 sentences) and your preferred email address, I'll introduce you to our editor and include these ideas so you two can speak further.

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Kc is a developer with skills in design, web and software engineering.

His hobbies include writing scripts in bash, watching anime and forking open source projects on Github.

He has relevant experience building websites, designing social media posts, writing various scripts and articles and running and managing ads account.

He has worked with various companies and businesses. He always recommends Trello as a work management tool, "It's very easy to keep track of your time with this!"

His portfolio links are listed, He focuses on being simple, it's an easier way to achieve daily goals.



thank you. the links can be removed if need be.