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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄

Happy Friday!


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Made my first open source contribution. To dev.to :)


Congratulations. I look forward to my that opportunity too. Cheers


Just made a new post this morning about CSS Variables!

And this afternoon I'm picking up a new kitten! There will be plenty of pictures being shared on Twitter!

Kitten waking up from a nap with tongue hanging out


Good to hear you're picking a new kitten 🐱. Please share more pictures 🥰


Starting to write in this community and receiving ❤️, very encouraging, thank you, people! 😁


I got great feedback here and had fun messing around with some PWA stuff as a small task on the side because I was curious.

Discussion was really helpful and interesting.

This thread was also a ton of fun!


I had a bad calf injury last November where I ended up putting on some weight, so I'm pretty stoked that I've dropped about 11 pounds in less than a month and more coming off. I've been eating better, sleeping more and been training like a mofo. 💪

Schwarzenegger side laterals with cats


Wow! Are you following any specific diet or just overall healthier foods?


Mainly eating less (not starving myself) and not really eating as many carbs. I haven't eaten any pasta in the past month and I'll only occasionally have bread if eating a sandwich. Mostly lots of fluids (water, tea), protein (chicken, tofu) and veggies/fruits. I also generally don't eat anything after 7pm.

I've always trained at the gym by myself but to kickstart things, I joined an Orange Theory. I didn't think I would like group sessions, but so far I like it and I'm not as jiggly now 😉

Jiggly Jell-O person

Awesome! Congrats on the progress :)


Just eat potatoes and rice, works for me every time.


Carbs only would make me put on the pounds. 🙃


I painted my apartment and finished all my stories for the current sprint before the weekend hit. Also I got news that Winds of Winter might be coming out before summer 2020 which I consider a massive personal win.


1) Published my first npm package - gitesy
2) Started writing blogs -


my latest project Feedi (github.com/davidesantangelo/feedi) mentioned in the "Code & Tools" section of ruby weekly rubyweekly.com/issues/451


Published a GitHub repo to automate ES6 to ES5 processing with a detailed documentation which provides a ready to go configuration that is aimed to give the JavaScript developer the capability to quickly set up a Node.js environment and deliver ES5 from ES6 without wasting time in the maze of Babel configuration options and its plugins...

It gives out of the box the minimum settings to start a new project or evaluate any new ideas and it includes one HTML code base to fulfill this objective as well.


Check it out ! ES6 to ES5 transpilation with Babel.js and Node.js

Feedback appreciated ! ;)


My win this week was being able to think about layout with CSS position: relative and absolute and getting what I had in mind to actually happen without hours of trial and error.

Also learning about SVG scaling :D


I was trying to calculate unique pageviews for todayinclojure.com with a subquery

  count(ip_count) as visits,
from (
    count(ip) as ip_count,
    created_at - (created_at % 86400) as day
  from stat
    created_at >= ?
  group by ip
  order by day desc
) as stat
group by day
order by day desc

but used distinct instead

  count(distinct ip) as visits,
  created_at - (created_at % 86400) as day
from stat
  created_at >= ?
group by day
order by day desc

and it worked.

No code? Try no scale.


3 weeks ago, I finally got a great mechanical keyboard (Leopold FC660M) again:

This week I added a laptop stand, mouse and wrist rest pad to my work setup, and it's doing wonders for my neck pain and RSI.


Got my first Lambda deployed on AWS using Ruby and the Serverless framework! I also setup a GitLab pipeline to deploy out to a non-prod environment automatically after merge into the master branch! Living in the future is pretty rad.

I am planning on doing a write-up on this as there were a few pitfalls that I can write about that might help others.


Lots of them! Now have that fancy “Senior” in front of my title at work (for what that’s worth). But more fun to me, is I’m starting a side project that I’m enjoying and getting to play with Now serverless. So much fun! Loving it!


Hello there!! Now learning about PHP syntax, MySQL and Phpmyadmin

And yep I cleaned my house too xD


I’ve been working at my first tech job as a junior software dev for almost 5 months now and my job just allowed all developers to work remote. I was nervous at first because I’m still not 100% confident in myself, but it’s actually been going well so far and I’m excited about it! 😊


hows working as a junior dev like? especially fully remote. do you feel like you might be reaping 'gains' slower vs if you were to be in a physical office with the rest of the team members? 'gains' in terms of learning and experience-wise as a dev.

i like remote. but i hate it when i ping ppl on slack and they're non-responsive unless i repeatedly send them messages, lol.


I really love it. One of the best perks is being able to work in a silent, controlled space whereas our office space isn’t consistently quiet. We’re not fully remote, we have to be in office two days out of the week, and we all have to be in on Fridays to have a dev discuss. As for communication, our team of developers is really small, so we all stay in contact because there’s not many of us.

2 days seems like a good balance =)


I joined Dev.to after many years of contemplation!


I received a gift for having an article here in dev.to that reached top 6 of the week, got a a task from Facebook in uTest, signed in a local Genexus course and I just received an email saying am going to be a Salesforce Tester next week! Definitely an excellent week!


Attended my first meeting as an official moderator for OpenSource.com :)

SN: Want to write for us? Hit me up!



SN: Want to write for us? Hit me up!

I'm interested! how can I get more details?


Thanks! Can you share an idea (or ideas) for some articles on open source subjects?


  • Guide to generating vanity onion addresses

  • How to use GitHub gists

  • 5 Open source alternatives to Trello

  • A look at WYSIWYG code editors!

  • Can open source make you a better developer? (if I wanted this to be click bait - I'd substitute better for richer)


Guide to generating vanity onion addresses

  • what are onion addresses
  • why you might need one
  • what you need (opensource project on github -eschalot)
  • a simple explanation of how it works
  • interesting note or remarks from other sources

How to use GitHub gists

  • what they are
  • why they are useful
  • methods in which they can be used
  • novel ideas of how they can be used if any
  • examples of methods IRL

5 Open source alternatives to Trello

  • introduction to Trello
  • what problems do Trello solve? (make simple/everyday use cases)
  • open source alternatives, platforms they cover
  • infographic showing how they measure up

A look at WYSIWYG code editors!

  • what they are
  • who they are targeted for
  • examples of such editors clearly stating which are opensource
  • a simple tutorial using any open sourced tool

Can open source make you a better developer?

  • who is an open source developer
  • why would I want to become an open source developer
  • differences between a normal dev and an open one
  • pros and cons
  • invite readers to share/discuss real-life experiences

I could also talk about projects on Github that I understand/have an interest in like:


Thanks for these ideas!

If you reply here with a short bio (up to 5 sentences) and your preferred email address, I'll introduce you to our editor and include these ideas so you two can speak further.

Kc is a developer with skills in design, web and software engineering.

His hobbies include writing scripts in bash, watching anime and forking open source projects on Github.

He has relevant experience building websites, designing social media posts, writing various scripts and articles and running and managing ads account.

He has worked with various companies and businesses. He always recommends Trello as a work management tool, "It's very easy to keep track of your time with this!"

His portfolio links are listed, He focuses on being simple, it's an easier way to achieve daily goals.



thank you. the links can be removed if need be.

I gave a lightning talk at the Joy of Coding conference in Rotterdam.


This week it's 2 months since I stopped smoking 🤟


I had my first in-person dev interview this week. I normally bomb my first tests/interviews/etc due to nerves, but I didn't do that this time!!! That was a huge win for me.

Another little win for me this week was writing this blog post. It has gotten quite a bit of participation in the discussion, my first post to do so. :)


I feel a bit more comfortable on my new job allowing me to make good decisions


Got featured on the top 7 list here on dev.to! Definitely the highlight of my week ✨


A post I made 2 months ago just passed 2048 views! dev.to/therealdarkmage/finding-bug.... If only I could translate that into business and profit :D


I got fucked over, royally, and kept my cool and the situation moving forward towards the next best solution.

To quote my boss "I didn't know how you would react, I thought you would be pissed and well within your rights to be"


I'm on week 2 of daily coding and haven't missed a day so far!

I also started looking into JAMstack and it's been super fun.


This week I decided to learn more about authentication method. Since I deal with apis, I see the word JWT everywhere but I didn’t know what it is. After reading few posts about it I can now use that authentication method in my future api.


I spent almost 3 days on a project I really hate and I was able to reduce initial load time of a web app by nearly 50%.
The client complained about it on Friday late afternoon, and that had a negative impact on the weekend as that's a project I never really wanted to work on. Nevertheless on Monday I decided to immediately work on it and I was fully committed to give them the best I could.
I don't like dealing with that customer, but I'm not payed to work only on stuff I love.
They're satisfied now, and that's great.

The Friday afternoon email is something I never do, if a problem is not really urgent I don't like bothering people of my team, or even outside the company, and I wait Monday morning. I know they won't work at it during the weekend, so I prefer letting them finish the week with a sense of accomplishment, not thinking about the problem they're going to work on the next week


People really like the Spice Girls!

My first technical post on this platform is my win this week.


Got an entire azure resource group and pipeline up and running that deploys my static site to a storage container and purges the CDN. I know that’s exactly what Netlify does but now I can add additional steps like deploy a staging site as well, and send webhooks everywhere :) it’s always good to not entirely rely on a single provider


Got a new job at ThoughtWorks as Senior Software Consultant



I was away from active coding for a while to work on advocacy and help developers in my region get resources. Trying to get back to coding now and for a while I couldn't focus, struggled with remembering concepts I used to be familiar with. And even had problems applying to jobs I am probably qualified for because I lacked the confidence.

This week however, I have made significant progress, I now enjoy it immensely, could focus for even longer periods of time and I'm feeling the groove again. My confidence is boosted and I've started going for job openings I'd enjoy doing - Whether I'm qualified or not, the thrill of a learning opportunity now excites me.


I finally got service workers to work for me and created my first Progressive Web App!


I had an article about Svelte published and it was read by its creator Rich Harris. Felt good!


Deleting 1200 lines of code from our Selenium framework and adding more external API tests with rest assured.


Released my first article for the AWS Amplify community!



Play / learn Gridsome and deploy a small blog with it. I might say that Gridsome looks promising - not yet powerful as GatsbyJS.


Did my first conference talk at Codegarden this week! 😊


Mine was the release of my personal blog ✌️


I was given the ownership of one of our old React web applications to rebuild ☺️


Start do deal with real unit testing :)


I finally got over with my end-sem exams, now back to creating open source stuff


I started learning kotlin and changing little pieces of my work project from java to kotlin.


Went to the first interview in my life. It was for a DevOps intern position. I liked the team, but I'm still overwhelmed =_= Next week they're supposed to answer...