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Blend Effects - using CSS

So, the blend effect can be used in css using the mix-blend-mode property in css.

There are many values you can put in mix-blend-mode, try changing it and explore how it works;

Some are listed here

mix-blend-mode: normal;
mix-blend-mode: multiply;
mix-blend-mode: screen;
mix-blend-mode: overlay;
mix-blend-mode: darken;
mix-blend-mode: lighten;
mix-blend-mode: color-dodge;
mix-blend-mode: color-burn;
mix-blend-mode: hard-light;
mix-blend-mode: soft-light;
mix-blend-mode: difference;
mix-blend-mode: exclusion;
mix-blend-mode: hue;
mix-blend-mode: saturation;
mix-blend-mode: color;
mix-blend-mode: luminosity;
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source: MDN Web Docs

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