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Mobile System Design interview Resources!!

πŸ“šThe Mobile System Design interview sources for iOS and Android are rare, so here are some that are really good.

βœ… Credits: Mostafa

They are divided into primers (the basics), deep dives, exercises, and mock interviews.

🟒 Primers:

  1. Cracking the Mobile System Design Interview πŸ‘‰ Link
  2. The System Design Interview For Mobile Developers πŸ‘‰ Link
  3. System Design Interview For Mobile Engineers πŸ‘‰Link

🟒 Deep dive:

  1. A Simple Framework For Mobile System Design Interviews πŸ‘‰Link

🟒 Exercises:

  1. Typical Mobile System Design Interview Questions πŸ‘‰Link

🟒 Mocks:

  1. Public Mocks πŸ‘‰Link
  2. Design the Facebook feed | Live Dev Mentoring πŸ‘‰Link

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Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout πŸ˜†