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Areknawo on April 12, 2019

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I tried all the tools above. And stay not satisfied.
Then I found some time ago and stick to it. Love it, and enjoy it. is:

  • Right now free
  • Like workflowly /
  • Have Kanban and Boards too
  • Nested tasks
  • Instant notifications
  • Comments for projects, tasks, whatever
  • Apps for iOS / Android / Chrome Extension
  • Detailed documentation with explaining all features:
  • You can migrate from any other tool to QUire
  • Black (night) theme (really beautiful)
  • tags, timers, GitHub integration, etc, etc.
  • The service can work without internet (very useful when you have no wifi but wish to continue to work with your tasks)

Start reading from here:

Try it, you will found it very powerful (personally I think that the tool is the most powerful right now in the whole market).

I'm not involved anyhow to this company, I'm not related to this company, I'm just really happy client which finally found what I did search for.


Totally agree. Very nice tool and I'm using it now:)
I love UX and the feeling from the tool at the same time it is very simple.

Of course, it has some issues (for example with google calendar integration)
But, the tool is awesome! I highly recommend.


Finally!! Someone has spoken my mind! I've been using this tool since my grad school and continue using this until now! I hate complicated tool, tbh I don't know why people tend to create a software that is "too powerful" with millions of features that users will barely use. I don't want to spend too much time learning a new software, so I'm really happy when I use Quire! It's really intuitive and it helps me organize my work nicely.

They're free for now, so i guess you get what you pay for. There's no "too complicated" features like other highend software but I'm working in a small team right now, it's fine. I just hope they have more themes because somehow the light theme is way too light and the dark theme is just.... too dark!


I love Quire's nested list + board. Our team add our weekly tasks into a board and keep the rest in the nested list. So we can keep the big picture while we focus on the crucial tasks in a short period of time.


Cool, thanks for sharing, @anacondaqq !

I just have one question: is there a way to create new tasks via email? What I mean is, can I configure my email client to auto-forward incoming emails to a email address that then creates new tasks (for me, in a specific project, etc.)?


As of speaking I don't think they have this feature. I've seen people requesting this and they said it's already on their plan to develop in the future.


Thanks for sharing this. I never knew it existed and I'm testing it out as I type this. πŸ˜…


Thanks for sharing! I'm glad that more and more people are finding about Quire. I used Asana for quite a while. I really love it. But to be honest I find it pretty complicated for my personal to-do list. My coworker introduced me to Quire ( I love it because it has a clean interface on the web browser but also on the app as well!
I love using the list to write down my to-do list, groceries, or other ideas that pop into my head. It also makes it easy to organize tasks, just drag and drop the tasks into subtasks.
They wrote a post about migrating from Asana to Quire, which helped me a lot.

I am not ditching Asana though, they still have some features that Quire doesn't, like timeline view, but if Quire develops it someday, I will consider moving all my projects to Quire! lol


Hey @areknawo ! Great article.

Recently, we built DECS (Code snippets manager) to improve developer's productivity and security. Give it a try -

Let us know what do you think...

  • DECS Team

What works for me in Todos - is less features. I'm using a mix of Notio and my personal approach I am planning to open source.

What do you think? It's a minimalist version.


Interesting. It's indeed very minimalistic. If this form suits you, you're in a good position. Compared to me - spending more time looking for features than working on an actual product.πŸ˜… Also, if you mean then, yeah, it's a good tool!


I've been using Todoist and love it! For me it works really well for allowing me to track the large list of things I want to do without overwhelming me. You can have projects and tasks for work, side projects, home maintenance, good habits, and just regular one off things you have to do. Then, each task can be scheduled to when you want to do it, leaving your "Today" view just the things you're trying to do today. Other apps for me were too much where there was a massive list of TODOs even though they weren't all pressing.


There are definitely tons of amazing product out there for task keeping and organisation, but after having tried many different options, I found the best one for me to be

It combines every tool from to-do lists, to boards and tables and is highly customisable as well.

I originally found out about it on this article from Chris on Scotch.


I'm sorry to make you feel that way. It's uncool. It's a bit natural that if someone writes something about any kind of paid product, people take it as advertising. In reality, I used all of the above tools and enjoyed them. This post was just meant to share my feelings with others. I can guarantee you that I wasn't paid for this post. Anyway, I don't think my blog is even big enough for any form of paid cooperation. For proof you can read my previous posts and what they're about. Anyway, I should thank you for your opinion - at least I know a bit more about what my readers want and expect.


Thanks for all the opinons! I very much respect them and thus, inspired by this post, a list of Awesome Productivity Software was created! Feel free to check it out and add different options!


I'm currently using Google Keep as my single tool for organizing my life. Its amazing how they progressed.

You can draw with the Apple Pencil, you can attach images and recordings to notes.

I bought notability for the ipad thinking it would be amazing then switched to Keep and never looked back


My long-time favorite for storing all digital information/snippets and making it accessible in a sensible way is TheBrain - mindmapping on steroids! ;-)

Recently discovered Notion and quite like it - definitely a great productivity-tool.


This is a great run-down of a ton of different tools!


For me, I use notepad, notepad, notepad, and notepad! :D


If you're using notepad then you should definitely check out Quire or Workflowy They both have the best nested task list :)


Biased here, but you should check out Coda which starts you off in a basic doc, but let's you add buttons, tables, and automations to build an app.


You missing Glo, kanban board by Git Kraken. I'm moved to Glo from Trello for some reason. Give it a try.


Recent researches suggest that productivity is not about time/task management, but about ability to focus/concentrate.


9Gag, reddit and now is enough for my daily dev life πŸ‘Œ


Thanks to anacondaqq, I've found one of the best project management software in my life! Quire has been a life saver and my team all love it! Thank you for your recommendation!

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