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Discussion on: Crossposting on and Hashnode

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Arek Nawo • Edited

Hi, creator of CodeWrite here. 👋
Thanks for the mention, although, if I may, CodeWrite isn't strictly paid. There is a free tier for up to 1 project (you can reuse it to write infinite articles) and 6000 characters (without code snippets), which is over 1000 words (a high-quality blog post). And on top of that, paid tiers are very cheap ($3/month), and often discounted.

Also, I didn't know about CrossPost (good to know it exists) but CodeWrite is strictly focused on developers with integrated code editor, combined with WYSIWYG UI and Markdown shortcuts. Also, the "one-click publishing" fixes formatting issues for the given publishing platform (e.g. convert code to GitHub Gists on Medium, or resize images on

So, I encourage you to give it a try if you haven't already!