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re: Awesome. We want to be leveraging redash more. We've been members since mid-2017 and it's been exciting to the improvements from your one-person te...

I hope that "Become SQL master" is on your 2019 resolutions list 😉My appreciation (and knowledge) of SQL grew a lot during the last 5 years since I started working on Redash.

But we are aware of this limitation, and the short term improvement we're introducing is improved parameters support in every release. This allows for those who know SQL in the organization to produce more interactive queries and dashboards, so a single dashboard/query will be useful for variety of use cases.

The longer term solution is to allow for some exploration of the data in an interactive manner without writing queries. This is a harder one to tackle. Mostly because usually the database schema isn't organized that well, so you have to resort to writing SQL anyway... But we have interesting ideas around this, and will eventually get there.

Of course, any feedback on how to make Redash more welcoming to less SQL proficient users is welcome!

Oh, and don't tell anyone, but I actually like SQL questions. It's like puzzles. :)

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