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Days_15 All About the Loop

While Loop
A while loop allows your code to repeat itself based on a condition you set.

It is similar to an if statement in that you ask a question, and as long as the answer is true, the computer will repeatedly run the code.

# All About the Loop
#26 MARCH 2023

class looping():
  def __init__(self,counter,exit,text):
    self.counter = counter
    self.exit = exit
    self.text = text

  def methode(self):
    while self.counter < 10:
      self.counter +=1
  def methode2(self):
    while self.exit != "yes":
      self.exit = input("exit?: ")
  def methode3(self):
    while self.text !="yes":
      self.text = input("What animal do you wont? ")
      if self.text =="cow":
        print("a cow goes moo")
        self.text = input("Do you want to exit: ")
      elif self.text =="lemur":
        print("Lemur goes awooga")
        self.text = input("Do you want to exit: ")
        self.text = input("Are you worng, Do you want to exit: ")

def call():
  testing = looping(1,"","")

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Infinite Loop
You have to be really careful that you don't accidentally invoke an infinite loop! This is where the computer will loop code until the end of time. Without a break. Forever. 😭

Fix an infinite loop by adding:
variable +=1
This is just saying "count to 10 by 1 each time." to make the loop end.

Don't forget, if your condition is a > then you might need to -=. This will subtract from the variable instead of adding to it.

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