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Days4_"Print" In Color!

To print in color using Python, you can use the ANSI escape sequences. Here's an example:

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#Days_4 "Print" in Color!
#17 MARCH 2023

def exercise_1():
  Text = ("Welcome to your adventure simulator. I am going to ask you a bunch of question and then create an epic story with you as the start")
  Name = input("What is your name?: ")
  Worst = input("What is your worst enemy's name : ")
  Super = input("What is your superpower: ")
  Live = input("Where do you live: ")
  Food = input("What is your favorite food: ")
  print("Hello", Name ,"!Your ability to",Super,"will make sure you never have to look at", Worst, "again. Go eat", Food, "as you walk down the streets of", Live, "and use ",Super,"for good and not evil!" )
  print("Uh, oh, you've been given a", "\033[31m", "warning", "\033[0m", "for being a bad, bad person.")

def Call():

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Here are some other colors you can use:

Red: \033[91m
Green: \033[92m
Yellow: \033[93m
Blue: \033[94m
Purple: \033[95m
Cyan: \033[96m
You can also use these sequences to change the background color. For example, \033[41m sets the background color to red.

Note that not all terminals support ANSI escape sequences, so your colored output may not work on all systems.

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