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Days6_What the elif this is?

"elif" is short for "else if" in programming languages such as Python, C, and others. It is a control structure used to evaluate multiple conditions simultaneously. If the first condition is not met, then the next condition will be evaluated, and so on, until one condition is met or the final "else" condition is executed if no previous conditions are met. For example, in Python:

#Days_4 "What the elif this is?"
#17 MARCH 2023

def exercies_1():
  print("SECURE LOGIN")
  username = input("Username >")
  password = input("Password >")
  if username == "Mark" and password =="123456":
    print("welcome Mark!")
  elif username =="Suzanne" and password =="123456":
    print("Hey there Suzanne")
    print("Go away!")

def exercies_2():
  season = input("What is Your Favorite season?")
  if season == "spring":
    print("Ah! The birds are chirping and flowers blooming")
  elif season == "summer":
    print("The Leaves are Changing and the air is crisp. Enjoy!")
  elif season == "winter":
    print("Stay warm bye the fire and watch the snow fall")
    print("I don't know that season.plase try again")
def exercies_3():
  Name = input("Enter Your Name: ")
  Password = input("Enter Your Password: ")
  if Name == "Ari" and Password =="12":
    print("Hello",Name,"How Are You?")
  elif Name == "Wira" and Password == "123":
    print("Holla",Name,"How are You?!...")
  elif Name == "Saputra" and Password == "123":
    print("heii Mr", Name,"How are You?!...")
    print(Name,"Name Or Password is Worng!...")

def call():

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