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Alpas Updates - 12 Feb2020 Edition

The path towards Alpas being version 1.0 is getting closer and closer as we continue to grow the core and add more delights to Alpas. Version 0.14 was released over the last week and has plenty of goodness packed into it!

Over the next week, our heads will continue to be down and focused as we work to improve what has been built as well as dive into some additional hand-crafted goodies.

Weekly Stats 📈

From 2020–02–05 thru 2020–02–11

  • 298 unique sessions on with representation from 61 countries
  • GitHub totals:️ 👀 810; ⭐️60
  • 29 total Slack members

Achievements and Highlights🏅

Version 0.14 is now available and includes a bunch of new hand-crafted features - creating test data, seeding a database, and refreshing assets and templates without recompiling to name a few. 🎉

Progress Towards v1.0 🏃🏻‍♀️

Check out the full to-do list for getting to version 1.0 on GitHub.


Version 0.14 has been released - view the full release notes here. In addition to the awesome features mentioned previously, some additional useful updates include:

  • A middleware can be appended from any service provider You can now hook into an HttpCall's lifecycle and add variables, fetch variables, etc.
  • JSON validation has been improved by allowing to always look into a JSON body during validation
  • Flash messages set by a user can be fetched through an HttpCall

Up next

As always, we are heads down hand-crafting Alpas improvements and are baking the following in our innovations oven: work on additional APIs, optimize assets handling, cleaning up controller middleware, and hot reloading routes while in development mode. 👩‍🍳🔥

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