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Alpas Updates — 26 Feb 2020 Edition

Alpas Updates — 26 Feb 2020 Edition

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

As we build out the Alpas core we are also making some real-life apps that help us improve the features already available with Alpas and create new features that assist with rapidly creating delightful web apps.

Over the last week, we have been busy working on a real-life app that we will share out shortly! This venture has been helpful with identifying some enhancements to Alpas that will also be released soon. 🙌

Lastly, we’d like to note that this will be the last weekly newsletter for the time-being as we will move the updates to a bi-weekly cadence.

Weekly Stats 📈

From 2020–02–19 thru 2020–02–25

  • 136 unique sessions on with representation from 38 countries
  • GitHub :️ 👀 495; ⭐️67
  • 32 total Slack members

Achievements and Highlights🏅

Progress Towards v1.0 🏃🏻‍♀️

Check out the full to-do list for getting to version 1.0 on GitHub.


Deployment documentation is now available. This documentation covers how Cleaver can be used to provision a server and then provides some simple steps on setting up the server and deploying your app! 🚀

Up next

We are continuing to work on updates to Notary, a module that helps implement social authentication, and Pantry, a module for document uploads.

Alpas and Kotlin Around the Web 🕸

Want to learn Kotlin?

JetBrains has a Kotlin academy that will launch you into the Kotlin language. The full Kotlin track takes about 24 hours to complete and will take you through 5 sample projects.

Best ways to learn Kotlin in 2020

In this article, Jean-Michel Fayard highlights several resources that will continue your momentum learning the Kotlin language. 🚀

Top Web Trends for 2020 and why they are coming

2020 will certainly bring about some new web trends. Jouan Marcel highlights that dark mode will stick around and gradients are coming back in vogue!

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