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Thank you for your answer! I share some worries about Java, mainly due to the breaking changes in Java 9+. But it’s what currently pays the bills, and it is much better than I had remembered from around 2004 ☺

Well, it's all fault of the millenials ahhahaha

I wish I could say that, but I used to do the same. And at some point I learned. I went from cmake over scons and waf and python build tools, until I finally settled on autotools, because all the rest turned out to be worse on the long term.

Maybe it’s more related to the massive growth of programming as a job, so organic information flow does not suffice, and those who advertise their tools a lot reach many people who don’t know the old (and free) tools.

And they build the tools you need.

I recently found the saying: "a million flies might be wrong, but they create the one-thousand tools you need".

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