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Mine is on a CV format, so not all that exciting, but was fun to make using (which is a headless CMS) and custom @media print styles to easily create a printable PDF. Being able to edit it in the Sanity content studio has also come in quite handy.


cough could I please point something out that's a little ironic?

I'm creative with and eye for detail

Fix that as soon as possible :)


Thank you! Fixed it right away.

(Though I actually had to put it into google translate to find the error. Even though I thought I read it word for word I couldn't spot that "and" 😳. I think it's safe to say my "eye for detail" doesn't always work for proofreading.)


Cool! I like this -- very professional and clean. It definitely gets the message across and shows your expertise!


Thank you, that's nice to hear 😊 That's exactly what I was going for when I started making it.


I'm in love with this portfolio. It communicates everything very cleanly, works on every size screen, and the print styles are the icing on the cake.


I've tried to make it easy for others to clone the project and use it to make thier own CV. You can find it at, would be awesome if it could be useful to someone besides myself.

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