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DevNet Create: Where Applications meet Codefrastructure!

In DevOps circles (and beyond), there’s a concept called Infrastructure as Code, or as I like to call it, Codefrastructure! :-)

In the olden days, you know like five years ago, it used to be that racking and stacking hardware was a completely different process and skillset as compared to coding the application. (And, frankly infra and app people never crossed paths until there was a problem.)

With the advent of public and private Cloud, the fundamental programming skills for creating applications are converging with those for spinning up and configuring environments, and deploying your application. This is because, as an industry, workloads are becoming abstracted and APIs are available for every layer of the infrastructure on which your application runs. It’s become table stakes. Next up, the industry is rapidly evolving into programming without worrying about servers. Today, this is taking the form of “serverless” and workflow type systems like IFTTT, Stamplay,, and Zapier.

Which brings me to DevNet Create. I’m looking forward to talking with attendees about codefrastructure. That is, meeting and talking with people who are also engaged in figuring out how applications can better take advantage of capabilities in the infrastructure. If we can figure these concepts out, our applications can become more resilient, more fault-tolerant, and more valuable, providing a better overall user experience.

I hope you can make it to DevNet Create! We’re planning to pack it full of great content, speakers, and activities to help us all explore the intersection of applications and infrastructure.

Registration is now open, so take advantage of early bird pricing! And invite your coolest friends to come along.

Follow me on Twitter @aroach and use this hashtag: #Codefrastructure!

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