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Arturo Avilés

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Today no women developer showed up at work (Mexico)

Many women in Mexico didn't show up at work today (Neither my female developer/software engineer co-workers). The number of reported femicides is increasing.

Women are tired of living scared of being harassed, assaulted, denigrated, beaten, and murdered at home, school, work, in the streets, at any place, at any time, so they decided to disappear for 1 day after protesting in the streets yesterday, to make everybody think more about this problem.

As a man, son, brother, boyfriend, and friend, I feel horrible that they don't feel safe. It's a nightmare to say goodbye to them in the morning because we never know if they will come back at night.

Maybe this way of acting is not the right one, but they are trying to make their voice be heard. They demand justice, security, safeness, and equal rights (Everything they deserve as a human being).

Today, we remember their value, great abilities, effort, and power.

Without them, we wouldn't have had what we have. All women have the same value as any other recognized one. When I see my female co-workers, I see the next Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Kristen, etc.

Thanks to all the people who write in, for creating a place where women can learn and give their opinion freely in the stuff they are passionate about.

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