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What is Serializer and deserializer?

Serializing: When we need serializing is when we pass our native data type(python, javascript) into some other format like JSON we need serializng, serializing is process of converting a native data type into JSON type.
WHERE WE USE: In web development we all know that we have two ends backend and frontend . consider, we use Django for backend which the framework is written in Python language and react Js for frontend which the framework written in Javascript language.
we need to pass our data from backend to frontend , in which the backend is python language oriented frontend is javascript language oriented, javascript can't understand python(native data type I mentioned above), so we need to change the data into a format which JS can understand, JS can understand JSON(Javascript Object Notatiom) format. this process is termed as Serializing.

Deserializing is the reverse process of serializing

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