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The first Python Challenge in 2021: 30 Days Of Python Challenge

I am a developer, instructor, and content creator. I am the creator of 30 Days of Python, 30 Days of JavaScript, and 30 Days of React.

Python is gaining more popularity from year to year. It is a general-purpose programming language that allows us to do almost anything we can imagine.

Just to mention a few uses of python,
It can be used:

  • To develop a desktop application
  • To use it as a server-side programming language of any purpose
  • To do web scraping, data cleaning, data munging, and wrangling
  • To do data analysis
  • To apply machine learning models
  • etc

Now, it seems Python is the standard tool for anything related to data, data analysis, data science, machine learning, and AI. Therefore, learning Python in 2021 will be the best decision for anyone who starts programming or a seasoned developer.

Today, I would like to inform you about 30 days of Python. It was the most popular python learning material in 2020 in the data analysis, data science, and machine learning community. I believe it will be the most useful reference material for the next five years. It has been trending on GitHub for a couple of months in 2020.

This material helped thousands of developers, data analysts, data scientists to understand python very well and improve their problem-solving skills and most students and developers use it as standalone reference material.

This challenge has both basic and advanced concepts of Python, NumPy, Pandas, Flask, MongoDB, and API Development. It has more than 300 questions and four projects.

The challenge has also a very supportive telegram group that helps people whenever they get stuck.

If you have a plan to learn Python in 2021, you must try to check 30 days of Python first.

Steve Nouri put the 30 Days Of Python challenge on the 2nd rank among the best Python GitHub repositories.

Here is the link:
30 Days Of Python:

Other challenges

30 Days Of JavaScript:
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