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One month Python Bootcamp

{ Coding Bootcamp }

Information Technology (IT) is reshaping the global economy of most countries. The COVID-19 pandemic has already made a huge digital transformation. The demand for IT experts is increasing from time to time.
It is a very good time to join the IT industry as a Web Developer, Data Analyst, DevOps Engineer, or Cloud Engineer. Thanks to the internet, there are many educational platforms that help people to acquire certain skills.
However, most of the platforms lack one-to-one mentoring, collaborated project works, and career coaching. We plan to run different Bootcamps that fill the gaps that we have seen in others platforms.

We provide immersive Bootcamps:

  • One Month Python
  • One Month JavaScript
  • One Month React


  • 6 Month Web Development(Git and GitHub, HTML, CSS, JS, Sass, React, Redux, Node, MongoDB, GatsBy)
  • Data Analysis

Globally renowned educational materials:
30DaysOfPython :
30DaysOfJavaScript :

Join us on Google Meet to learn about the Bootcamps we provide

Google Meet:

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