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Multi-Screen Content Consumption Statistics & Trends - Infographic

The average person uses the internet on a daily basis for their day-to-day interactions and to consume media content. However, with multi-tasking becoming a way of life for many, content consumption is no longer a focused activity. Today’s tech savvy consumers prefer to stay connected all the time and it has become the norm to use multiple devices sequentially, throughout the day to consume online content whether at work, home or on the go. The info graphic below sheds further light on the relationship between multi-device users and various online activities.The infographic below is compiled by GO-Gulf Dubai which sheds further light on the relationship between multi device content consumption and users online activities.

multi-screen content consumption

Online marketers are making the most of the current content consumption patterns, which dictate that 90% of consumer media interactions occur in front of a screen. While in the past, web-based social media was at the heart of consumer interaction with the content, today 70% digital users constantly shift between PCs, television, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to access the internet. Users may sequentially, simultaneously or separately switch between these devices to accomplish different tasks, with an average person expected to spend 170 minutes on their smartphone, 75 minutes on tablet and 120 minutes on their PC every day. Multi-screen content is most popular with individuals between the 25-49 age bracket (with 80% for women and 78% for men). Meanwhile, only 6 7% young adults and 62% person senior citizens had a positive response to multi-screen content. Hence, majority marketers (around 84%) believe in order to effectively reach out- to this diverse audience, it is necessary to implement a well-defined, all-inclusive content development/management strategy.
The top activities performed by multi-device users involve the usual internet browsing (81%), social media interactions (72%), online shopping (67%), and looking up information on a variety of things (63%). Marketers and businesses often run their campaigns and keep their business model in-line with consumer content behavior. For instance, 67% online multi-screen shoppers frequently switch between multiple devices during the course of their shopping spree; hence to fully facilitate the client, it is good practice to implement responsive web design techniques in developing your online shop/website. Generally, multi-screen users prefer to use their smartphones or PC’s to screen multi-device content such as health related apps, news or weather updates, etc. However, smartphones are more popular for carrying out online activities related to social media platforms, radio and mobile games. Since tablets can have limitations, they are mainly used at home and are more popularly used by multi-screen users (24%) to play online games.

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