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Top Tips to Pass The OutSystems Certification Exam

The article was published on Ascendix Tech's blog

Our Web Application Developer, Sergey Yanushkevich, has recently expanded the sphere of his expertise and successfully completed a course on OutSystems App Development.

In this article, we want to share the key tips to pass the OutSystems Certification Exam and Sergey's experience in applying the knowledge in a new field as an Associate Web Developer.


In August 2017, we received a request from our long-term clients to automate their document management system and avoid tons of Excel sheets they used as a daily workflow.

So, we began investigating the OutSystems platform and learning this technology. By the end of March of the next year, we had 3 professionals successfully passed the OutSystems Certification Exam and received their Associated Web Developer certificates.

What's more, we have completed two OutSystems projects for the mentioned above clients. The key result was the time reduction from a few hours to a few minutes on each request.

OutSystems: What's it about

According to the official definition:

"OutSystems is a low-code platform that lets you visually develop your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it."

And this seems to be a real truth!

OutSystems is an all-in-one platform for companies to develop, deploy and manage their own applications. With OutSystems, you can build web, mobile, and IoT applications using a visually oriented environment with drag and drop gestures and automated features.

Why Learning OutSystems?

Having over 2 years of active development with OutSystems, we can highlight the following reasons to learn this technology and empower your web development:

  • Up to 50% of time savings on development compared to other platforms
  • Cross-platform nature (desktop, mobile, and tablet).
  • Support of multiple cloud solutions (AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Azure Stack)
  • Lots of ready-to-use connectors and components, templates and applications, and other extensions to Google Maps, Office 365, SSO Connectors, BOX, etc
  • Code generator with an integrated validator and unit tests.


Top Tips to Pass the OutSystems Certification Exam

OutSystems allows you to become a certified mobile and web developer. It becomes possible by taking the course series designed and established by the OutSystems team.

The course will help you learn the low-code platform principles and start your web/mobile app development activities right after successfully completing the course.

Once you get a certificate of Associate Mobile Developer, you can grow further and improve your development skills by becoming an Expert Web Developer within a year.


As we have already passed the exam and several professionals have become certified OutSystems Associate Web developers, we want to share our experience and tips that can help you simplify the learning process and start your OutSystems Developer career faster.

So, here are the tips to pass OutSystems Certification Exam:

Do Training Tasks

Training is an essential process towards a positive result and this exam is no exception.

OutSystems has already prepared a comprehensive training guide where you can find multiple tasks related to each course and lesson. In due time, our software developers carefully learned all these exercises and we can state with the confidence they will help you get prepared for the certification exam.

Specifically, we suggest starting with the following tasks:

Additionally, we recommend you complete this task as well:

As standard, OutSystems utilizes RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) which requires your knowledge in table relations, SQL queries, normalization rules, and delete rules. The full materials that will help you grab and digest this information are available on W3Schools.

Besides, we recommend you have strong knowledge of the generated HTML pages and know how they work behind the scenes. It is useful as OutSystems has a toolbox and components that can be added to the web screen.

Also, it would be nice to have DOM tree and HTML knowledge that can help you visualize the way components are built and relate to each other clearer.

Make sure you check out a Re-Introduction to JavaScript article if you want to work with the front-end.

Take an Internal Exam

Back in our days, we decided to prepare for our self-made internal exam so that we make sure that we are ready for the real one.

So, we made a list of possible questions related to the provided learning materials and imitated the real conditions held on exams. This way, we achieved a good rehearsal and boosted our confidence that helped our professionals pass the exam successfully.

What are some specific steps you need to take during the internal exam?

You need to book a room, leave your cell phone outside, record the desktop, put the clock in front of you, and start completing the tasks.
In such a fashion, you can simulate the real exam conditions and leave your shell to feel under pressure.

This event will help you sharpen your technical coding skills, activate critical thinking, and validate your time management.

Once you finish, ask your team members or the tech lead to analyze and check the delivered results.

Most likely, you will find out the blind spots that require improvement so that you can take your time and train these aspects and details.

Bottom line

We hope our guide with the tips on how to pass the OutSystems Certification Exam will help you become more prepared and empowered to successfully achieve the certificate and start your web/mobile developer career.

Good luck with the exam!

If you want to learn more details, read our full blog article on How We Became Certified OutSystems Developers in a Few Months And So Can You.

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