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What do you call your folder where you keep your code?

I use this pattern ~/src/{project_name}/... I can quickly ju...

What do you call your folder where you keep your code?

Nice 👍

Fun Things You Can Do With 😎

WTF man! That's incredibly awesome

10 useless NPM Package with millions of downloads


Better file structure in React projects

I would probably name it "utils".

How to Build Your Own Blockchain in NodeJS

Thanks for the nice article. It was easy to understand for be...

Am I a good dev?

I am a junior dev and I used to dread doing things that I did...

What was your win this week?

I fixed a sever security issue in our took me about 3...

Top 6 VS Code Extensions to Organise Your Code

Wooowwww. These are amazing 👏

Software People — How Do You Deal With Stress/Bullies/Frustration?

Today was a stressful day for me as well. When my clients rep...

Rate my work 🌟🌟🌟

Site looks good 👍. But it seems that it doesn't have viewpor...

JS Confetti library with emojis ⚡️ 🎉

Woo! That's really nice!

Introduction to Next.JS

Great article. It's always been a pain for me to use create-r...

If you were to uninstall all secondary extensions in your text editor and leave just Three(3) what will they be?

Python lang server Django template snippets auto rename tag ...

The Key Element to Responsive Websites

When it comes to responsive pages, the first thing I remember...

Celery with Django in production

I really liked this post. You helped me a lot!!!! thanks.

Welcome Thread - v126

Hi. I am 16. I have been coding for over 2 years. I am intere...

A guide to planning a programming project.

Very useful and informative. I'm gonna use these tips for my ...

Why to use React if HTML/CSS/JS works fine?

I belive if you want to learn fundamental concepts you should...