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Django Packages

To be honest I don't know how to use markdown so Im sorry if the formatting is a bit wonky but I wish to share my experience for the last one year becoming a developer in house for a company located in Malaysia. The recent pandemic have its pros and cons but like I would always say, if life give you lemon make lemonade... and this time my glass of lemonade is my journey to discover what make a good development project and what isn't many thing that could break a django project and during my exploration, I found out there are a lot of library I will use for both user experience and also security. So I'm writing this series cause I really wanna share my experience and also as a guide for me to look back on the multiple ways I implemented a solution. As a programmer/developer, I wanna start a portfolio so I can share with potential client/employer of the thing that I can provide.

A bit about me, I am as of the day of this writing a full time Devops lead developer and focus mainly on Backend development ie

Previously I work in cyber security for 3 half years as a Level 4 Threat Hunter ( I go through logs from various security and network devices to look for potential indication of hacking and various abnormality in the network).

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