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My Journey Till Now . . .

I , Ashutosh Yadav, a Frontend Developer, also a moody blogger (write blogs sometimes but can't keep the consistency), I'll be sharing my journey while travelling in the train of development and programming. So, how did I started, I was introduced back in 2019, I felt a bit boring while I started the programming, I started with C language, as it was required for college, I didn't took programming seriously, I and my friends played CS as we sat in one corner of our CP Lab, it was first year of my engineering journey, currently in Second Year (4th sem), my field is Information Technology Engineering in Mumbai.

This went everyday as we group of friends played CS GO in every lecture of Programming, we didn't have any aim of learning programming, we had completed our High School, so we were enjoying our first sem, then our first sem came, we thought it might be similar to our HSC, but it wasn't , was bit tough,as almost every 7th student in 10, had a KT, or was failed in the exam, I got 8/10 ptr in my first sem, didn't kmow how, i just studied one week ago before our examinations, as it was all
going nice and funny, we were enjoying college and life, a virus struck and changed our lives, yes it was the deadliest one, which is still now, suddenly we got locked into our homes, and some of them in hostels, no CS Go, we played PUBG, during days and nights, we did this for two-three months, as I was feeling bored day-by-day as repeating the same stuff again and again , I started watching youtube videos, who doesn't but not the entertainment one, the infotainment, the one which give information as well as entertainment, I got to know about some of the student communities around which I can join and meet new people and make connections, I joined those communities and soon got engaged with some of the student communities.

As I joined the student communities, there were many young students than me with a lot of knowledge of web development, graphic design , social media marketing and many more, I don't know what happened to me and I too started exploring this fields and in the next 2-3 months I explored all the freelancing field, I got more inclined towards web development, desgining, and content writing. So, I started learning web development from Coursera, It was an amazing course for the first two days, but soon I got bored too, then I started making websites form youtube tutorials and I loved that, after developing certain websites, I got a team of web developers.

We, were a group of 5 developers with an aim of building websites and making a freekancing agencies, which will provide services like web development, app development, but it was too early, as we just learned only the ABCs of the web development, we explored more and more, we developed some more projects with the team, but it didn't worked out, soon we started working, more on the individual projects, and I started exploring web development, as all of them have examinations and stuffs, I too have them, but I didn't took it seriously, as it just learn and write, I focused more on projects and development, I started taking part in hackathons, as I got to know it'll help me to grow as well as to connect with more people as well, I took part , but due to lack of consistency I wasn't able to crack one, this happened several times from Sept-2020 to April 2021, I learned a lot but got stuck in tutorial hell, so I started and building projects in order to learn something.

And in April 2021, I got my first client, for contributing in her projects as a frontend developer and completed the project in one week, and aftert two weeks, I got the another who wanted to get his bugs fixed like background-image and slideshow, transitions ,etc. It was awesome experience, I learned a lot more and I started working on my portfolio, and started taking part in CODEDAMN WEEKLY CHALLENGES, it's an awesome challenge as it 'll help you grow as well.

Currently I'm learning MERN Stack and will soon post my projects here on Hashnode, Hope you liked reading about the journey of mine as a developer, do share yours too, would love to know how did you developed your love towards development and programming ...

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