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My Journey with my first Client !!

Journey with my first client on LINKEDIN ?
---> Finally, last week I got my first client on LinkedIn, an amazing platform, I haven't send any emails, haven't send any cold emails, I did it by simply asking the Founder of that community, whether she wanted a website for her community, firstly, like everyone she said no, but later I joined her community on Telegram, were she shared her website, after which I asked her again, can I help in making your website ? ,this time she said "Yes", and I started making her website according to her guidance and requirements, finally the website was ready in a week...

Here's the link of the website, you guys can visit it and also join the community, it's for all the coding enthusiasts who are struggling in competitive programming,

Here's the link of the website:

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Shaquil Maria

Congrats on getting your first client!🥳👊