re: Hey, here is my resume, feedbacks are welcome.

Hi Rushal! Overall it's a great resume, here's just a few things I would change:

  1. The last updated in the upper right corner is a little cut off

  2. The Links section in the left sidebar aren't clickable

  3. For the first item, I'd love to know what else you've done there! Do you have any stats on how the product you made helped the company? I would add a bit more context to that item

  4. Similarly for the Linux Foundation, how did your work help the project as a whole? More context is always better!


Thanks for the feedback. :)

I will update the last updated part;
The links are clickable, I guess dropbox doesn't allow them, in PDF it's clickable;
I just started working with the company and most of my work is building out the backend services(API development, design issues) and features for the product. So I am not sure what more to write in it :/
For The Linux Foundation, I will include links, I guess that will give more context :)

Awesome! Regarding the new company – can you give specifics of what tech you're using? Since it's the first item on the resume I would expect a little more content than what's currently on it.

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