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My understanding of the Scrum Framework and Benefits of the Scrum Events

The Scrum framework is a methodology where people come together to work on complex projects and tackle the project in small chunks or small increments.

Scrum is based on the agile framework which is a software development methodology and which allows the process of development to be flexible based on the fast-changing tech world.

This means that teams who adopt the scrum framework are more likely to be adaptable to the market needs, quick in delivery and collaborative inside and outside of the team. These teams are even more likely to produce high-quality products than teams who adopt more traditional frameworks.

There are two parties who benefit from scrum.

First and foremost is the client.

Most clients feel the need to participate in the development process either by providing feedback or even just being updated regularly about progress. Scrum events like daily stand-ups specifically address this concern,which leaves the client happy and content while also allowing the developer to stay consistent in developing the app to avoid project delays.

Scrum events also helps the developer(s) in a few particular areas like management, organization and planning.

At the beginning of each development cycle, the team decides on which features to develop and ship next, this reduces , in some cases eliminates, disorganization where many features are being developed at the same time and in the end none of the features are shipped within the agreed time frame which leads to product failure.

An important aspect of scrum is the retrospective stage where after each development cycle, the team takes time to review their weaknesses and strengths allowing them to focus energy to improve in weak areas.

In conclusion, Scrum has numerous advantages over more traditional approaches in terms of speed, quality and collaboration.

Note this: Scrum events can also be personal. 😉

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