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Expose yourself to the world

Expose your local application without deployment with free custom domain.

Create a free account :

Chose Free Tier

  • For windows, download and unzip the the file :

  • In Command line change directory to the unzipped location which contains “pktriot.exe”. Optionally the path can also be added to the system environment variable

  • Run following commands to route http/https traffic to localhost

    pktriot configure

  • Choose the path and then authenticate by visiting the generated URL and select the region

  • Run following command to get the host name

    pktriot info

  • Note down the host name, this host name will also be visible in

  • Optionally can update the tunnel name with following command

    pktriot edit --name '{your tunnel name}'

  • Expose your localhost port 80 over https with following command

    pktriot route http add --domain {your host name} --destination localhost --http 80 --secure --redirect

  • Run following command to start receiving traffic from outside

    pktriot start

  • You can browse with https://{your host name}/ . You can also monitor the traffic by login to

Free Domain

  • Look for a domain on . “.tk”, “.ml”, “.ga”, “.cf” & “.gq” domains are free.

Note: use “.tk” etc in lookup otherwise there is a bug that you might not be able to select the domain

  • Select required domain and signup

Route traffic from custom domain

  • Login to , under “Domains” click “Verify Domain” and add the custom domain name. It will generate the TXT Record

Go to (Services > My Domains > Manage Domains > Manage Freenom DNS)

  • Add a record with Type “TXT” and the Target same as generated in above step

  • Add record for Type “CNAME” with any subdomain name and the Target same as {your host name}.

Note: It will take couple of minutes before the status of the domain will be changed to “verified”. You can track the status under:

  • Run following command to route traffic from custom domain to localhost

    pktriot route http add --domain {your subdomain e-g:} --destination localhost --http 80 --secure --letsencrypt --redirect

  • Run following command to start receiving traffic locally from your custom domain

    pktriot start

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