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Supply chain for paper valuation

We all had moments when our grade improved from F to A. And let me ask this, have you got your money back? You get the money, but you have to chase after the office staff, right?
What if all these valuation processes were automated to some extent.
What if you knew..

If the college submitted your paper?
If the valuators checked the paper?
What were the marks assigned by each valuator?
Could I raise a dispute (Apply for revaluation) on the go?
Can I get a copy of my answer sheet at any point in time without having permission from college or university?

Entering blockchain…

What if we can create a supply-chain for answer paper? Allowing the students to know the status of the valuation. All the details are stored permanently in an immutable ledger. And the best part is you don’t have to see this anymore. 🌚🌚

The data is available 24*7 on the blockchain.
I’ve used ethereum blockchain for building this supply-chain.
The asset involved is obviously the paper. The actors involved are college, evaluators, reviewers, and university.
The college will upload the answer paper of each student into IPFS. The returned hash is stored in the blockchain. So here’s how my implementation works.

This is the basic data structure of the asset involved. When a paper is submitted by the college, from a pool of evaluators randomly two of them are selected and are assigned to the instance of the paper.

Each paper instance is assigned with two evaluators drawn in random from a pool of evaluators.
At any instant, a student can know the status of the paper by calling getResultForStudent along with their id.

If their status is marked as evaluated and if the student is not satisfied with the result, he/she can raise a dispute. And from the same pool of evaluators, a random evaluator is assigned the status of the reviewer.

The reviewer will then review the paper and submit the marks. Later if the student is satisfied with the result, he/she can mark the paper as accepted. And if the student hasn’t raised a dispute, 4 ethers are sent to the evaluators. The one’s how made mistake will have their end of money reduced as penalization. And the money will be sent to the reviewer.
So that’s it.

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